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Koikoi is a classic style single-player role-playing game for Windows and Macintosh. Released on steam July 19th!!

You can check the details here. →

(To purchase, you need a Steam account)

The story

  20XX, many humans on the earth dead by

a strange virus. But somehow, they come back to life like a nothing bad ever happens, except their looks and an odd power.

The world is changed. When humans dead, it means new creatures are born. The new creatures call themselves “Newman”. 

Humans decrease from the earth by the virus and big wars.

  Many years later…

There is a boy, named “Shin”. He is human but lives a happy life in a forest, with his foster-father who is Newman.

One day, his father hasn’t been home from his work. Shin decided to go on a long journey with you and your help, to find his precious person…


-Explore the new world with the smart boy “Shin”.

-Fight against marvelous (and weird?) enemies on the front view.

Donut : This sugary stuff makes you                        happy, and fat.

Forest - Radical Hyena

Toy sword : Can't stash an enemy, but                                   maybe sward.

Honey : It's made from nectar.

               It's too sweet to go moldy.

Enemy - Radical Hyena
ReversiGuy - Radical Hyena

-Full of original art and soundtrack.

-Get lots of unique items with interesting and funny informations.



-Shin Yester. He has good intuition.

He can use a special power called 



-He is a dog love a nap and a walk like a dog.


-They are a powerful Newman loves dicey icy stuffs.


-His mustache can search an area of a tacos perfectly.

Thanks for the support of Kickstarter!

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